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All around nice guy from Germany who is learning how to code, and raising two cats while traveling the globe. He is Co-founder of Tipabl, a social giving platform. Previously he worked as an Animator and Game Designer.

What Riding A Bike Has To Do With Learning Programming

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You’re probably making learning how to code more difficult for yourself than it has to be. There are countless resources available to learn programming. There are online courses, paid and free of charge, there are college programs, after schools, meet ups or books. Somebody’s desire to learn how to code will definitely not fall short because of the lack of resources available. The only requirement these days is the ability to read and to have access to a computer. Someone might even go as Read more […]

Motivation is Overrated- How to Get Things Done Without It


Many people struggle with the issue of “Lack of Motivation“ as they like to call it. They say “I’m not motivated today” or “I can’t seem to motivate myself” to do such and such project. I kept struggling with this issue myself, wondering what it is that keeps me from being motivated to do certain things. In order to figure out where the problem might lie and how to begin resolving this so-called “Lack,” I decided to delve a bit deeper into this issue. I thought it was important Read more […]

Learning Programming: How I Overcame Initial Resistance

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I have to admit that it took me several attempts to finally start learning programing. Even though the motivation was somewhat there, the fact that I didn’t know how and where to start usually led to a lack of focus and drop of interest after a day or two of trying to start learning this stuff. I now feel that like with most skills in life which are new to us and somewhat foreign- the initial resistance from continuing to keep on learning is often strong enough to make us stop. Click to Tweet For Read more […]

Launch Your Start Up: Build the Minimum Viable Product


What is an MVP? MVP stands for “Minimum Viable Product.” This a term often referred to by the “Lean Start Up” author Eric Ries, and Steve Blank, the author of “Four Steps to the Epiphany.” In relation to your Start-up it refers to the minimum product you need  in order start the important process of validating your product, getting feedback from users, gathering user statistics, and perhaps even raising valuable funding. The theory is that tech start-ups these days use a far more open Read more […]

What is a Non-Techie and Why Should We Care?

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Non-Techie is our own version of Non-Technical, which is what the tech industry calls founders with no programming experience. A non-techie is as the word implies: somebody who doesn’t have what someone else – the techie – has. The term in this context refers to somebody who can’t code / program specifically. It has nothing to do with your technical skills in general or your other skills revolving around a computer. If you can’t program in one of the major programming languages – hence Read more […]

Do You Suffer From Tab-Hoarding?

I'll come back to it later...

This is Part 1 of Martin’s Anti-Procrastination Series Info-Hoarding, or what I sometimes like to call “Research Material” Hoarding and otherwise also known as excessive bookmarking and/or tab-hoarding and can quickly become one of your worst enemies. You’re looking for a particular topic like free WordPress themes or Photoshop tutorials and before you know it your browser is about to crash and has become awkwardly slow. Then you realize that the amount of tabs you have opened and the information Read more […]

How to Pitch Your Idea Now: Part I


There are many useful guides out there on how to pitch an idea correctly. They will tell you that your pitch should be short and to the point for instance. Or that you have to hit the main point as fast as you can in order to grab your listener’s attention. Often you will only have one chance to intrigue somebody with your idea. What is pitching and why should you care? “Pitching”, is basically a term used commonly in the Start-up world for telling somebody your idea for the first time Read more […]